Rain Gun DuCAR Atom 40

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Highly efficient sprinkler rotating in full circle or partial circle, impact-type, operating at medium pressure (2.0 – 5 atm) Thanks to replaceable sprinkler nozzles and adjustable breaker, it ensures you irrigate your field with minimum water and excellent uniform water distribution. It is excellent for agricultural, mining, dust control, stationary and portable systems.

This version has an aluminum main body with a rotating mechanism of the lower body made of brass, Teflon, and stainless steel. It is equipped with a specially designed and adjustable breaker. The lower body is specially designed for sandy water. The specially designed breaker has a license certificate. Additionally, it has a second nozzle outlet that may be plugged at low pressure. With its specially designed low body angle made of Teflon and brass, this product may also operate with wastewater.

Technical Info

  • Range of Usable Nozzle Diameter: 14 mm – 20 mm
  • Range of water consumption: 11 m3/h – 32 m3/h
  • Range of Shooting: 22meter– 39meter
  • Body Angle: 24°