About Us

Smart irrigation made simple

Irrigatorz specializes in residential and commercial Drip & Sprinkler irrigation systems and serves many industries in Pakistan.

Our full-time technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality and timely services for drip & sprinkler irrigation systems, along with the products of world-renowned brands Hunter, K Rain, Irretic & Euro Drip, offering our clients with the greatest value for their investment.

Our passion is to help homeowners and businesses reduce their water usage through well-designed drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, all while utilizing the latest technologies available in the field of high-efficiency irrigation systems (HEIS).

We have partnered with many homeowners and businesses and offer cost-saving solutions that reduce water bills and impact on the environment. To learn more, please contact us or call +92 344 9294379.

Our Philosophy

We treat our customers with the utmost respect and professionalism they deserve, leaving them so impressed that they tell their friends about us.

At Irrigatorz, we are constantly striving to better ourselves so we can better serve our customers. We do this by attending seminars and training to ensure we are installing the most efficient and state-of-the-art systems.