Rain Gun DuCAR 80

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Rotatable sprinkler heads with gearbox and adjustable for full or part circle coverage, featuring medium and high-pressure operations, and high efficiency. This model is an introduction to the professional series. Changeable nozzles and a dynamic water jet breaker system enable perfect irrigation with evenly distributed water.

Suitable for use in any type of delicate or rough agricultural applications; widely used especially on wheat, maize, and clover.Makes full and semi-circle turns at the same speed;

Ideal for agricultural areas, sports fields, and mines; suitable for portable and fixed systems.

  • Usable Nozzle Diameter Range: 10mm – 22mm
  • Water Consumption Range: 9 m3/h – 44m3/h
  • Shooting Radius Range: 24meter – 47meter
  • Body Angle: 25°