Impact Sprinkler3/4″ BST FC/PC

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  • Irrigation of all row crops for surface irrigation using sets with both portable and permanent systems
  • Irrigation of crops, fruit, and vegetable farms
  • Available with BSPT male/female thread ¾”
  • The body, arm, tube, nut, and nozzles are made of plastic of high durability.
  • Colored nozzles simplify size identification
  • The nozzle bayonet connection facilitates field service
  • Nozzles with integrated screw of spreader are available with both nozzles
  • The weight attached to the arm ensures proper operation and balance of the sprinkler
  • Axle pin, springs made of stainless steel
  • Recommended pressure 1.0 – 4.0 kg / cm3 or 15-55 Psi
  • Recommended spacing up to 15m ensures even water distribution
  • Trajectory angle: 23 °