Hunter Solenoid Valve

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For maximum protection against water intrusion, the 24 V Hunter AC Solenoid features an encapsulated design that completely seals the electronic components in heavy-duty plastic. The captured plunger simplifies servicing by reducing the risk of lost internal parts.

The 9 V Hunter DC-Latching Solenoid is compatible with all plastic Hunter valves used with battery-operated controllers. The solenoid receives a quick pulse from the controller to latch (open the valve) and unlatch (close the valve). The solenoid has one black common wire and one red station wire. To ensure reliable operation, the wires must always be connected properly.

To replace an AC Solenoid with a DC-Latching Solenoid on any Hunter valve, simply unscrew the AC Solenoid and replace it with a DC-Latching Solenoid. This ensures compatibility with battery-operated Hunter NODE, NODE-BT, and XC Hybrid Controllers.

Electrical Specifications

Model 606800
•    Minimum opening/operating voltage: 19 VAC
•    Maximum recommended voltage: 28 VAC
•    Current at 24 VAC:
•    350 mA inrush, 190 mA holding, 60 Hz
•    370 mA inrush, 210 mA holding, 50 Hz
•    Maximum operating pressure: 15.17 bar; 1517 kPa
•    Wire leads: 45 cm of 0.8 mm2 UL-approved wire

Model 458200
•    Minimum opening/operating voltage: 6 VDC
•    Maximum recommended voltage: 9 VDC
•    Coil resistance: 4.8 ohms nominal
•    Maximum operating pressure: 13.79 bar; 1379 kPa
•    Wire leads: 45 cm of 0.8 mm2 Black and Red UL-approved wire