K-Rain RPS™ 46 Irrigation Controller

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The RPS™ 46 Mini Irrigation Controller, designed for residential applications, makes maintaining green spaces easy by efficiently managing watering schedules. The controller comes in both 4 and 6-station models, making it suitable for residential lawns of various sizes. Additionally, the RPS 46 has four individual programs to allow for watering on separate programs. A key feature of this unit is the seasonal adjust feature which allows easy adjustment of watering schedules as the seasons change.
With features like multiple station models, independent programs, seasonal adjustments, and sensor compatibility, this indoor mini controller offers a comprehensive solution for a greener and well-maintained turf.

Features and Benefits

  • 4 & 6 Station Models – Perfect for residential lawns
  • 4 Fully Independent Programs – Allowing up to 4 starts per program. Maximum 16 starts per day
  • Indoor Models with External Transformer and Plug
  • Seasonal Adjustment – Allows for quick adjustment of watering durations in 10% increments, from 10% to 200%
  • Rain sensor and rain/freeze sensor ready – Allows automated operation to be controlled by sensor
  • Flexible Manual Operation – Run a program, run a station or test system
  • Battery Back-Up – Saves program during power outages


Operating Specifications

  • Station Run Times: 1 min. to 12 hrs. 59 min.
  • Number of Programs: 4
  • Number of Automatic Start Times: 4 per program
  • Program Watering Schedules: 7-day calendar with individual day selection, or 1 to 15-day interval, or 365-day calendar for ODD/EVEN day watering
  • Master Valve/pump start terminal
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, and single-station manual operation

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Input: 110V AC, 50/60Hz, 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Power Output: 24V AC, 1.0 AMP
  • To Solenoid Valve: 24V AC, 0.5 AMPS max
  • Overload protection: Standard 20mm 1.0 AMP fuse
  • Power Failure: 9 Volt standard alkaline battery maintains clock and program for up to 2 weeks.
  • Wiring: The output circuits should be installed and protected by wiring rules


  • 3504 4 Station, 110V Plug Pack Transformer
  • 3504-220 4 Station, 220V Plug Pack Transformer (International only)
  • 3506 6 Station, 110V Plug Pack Transformer (International only)
  • 3506-220 6 Station, 220V Plug Pack Transformer