K Rain PRO-S Sprayhead

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The result of precision engineering and extensive field testing by contractors around the world, the Pro-S™ is designed to provide long life and outstanding performance. Distinguished by their robust construction, co-molded wiper seal, and heavy-duty retraction spring, Pro-S™ pop-up sprays are built for reliability and durability.  The co-molded wiper seal ensures proper operation time after time with minimal flow.  The retraction spring is the strongest in the industry.  That means successful pop-ups you can count on time after time.

Known as the hardest-working spray in the irrigation business, Pro-S™ Sprays have the industry’s highest max pressure rating – up to 110 PSI.  That’s because they are engineered to withstand and perform in high-pressure situations.


  • Co-molded wiper seal — Ensures a leak-free, full pop-up even under low-pressure situations. Treated with UV inhibitors for long life. Carefully selected seal material reduces degradation and stick-ups
  • Heavy-duty retraction spring — Strongest in the industry for complete retraction in all soil conditions
  • Pre-installed flush cap
  • Accepts female threaded nozzles
  • Fits in Rain Bird® 1800 can


  • Pressure rating: 20 – 110 PSI (1,4 – 7,6 bar)
  • Flow-by: 0 – 8 PSI (0,6 bar) 0.20 GPM (0,76 LPM)
  • Inlet: 1/2″ (1,3 cm) Female Thread NPT


  • 78002 Pro-S 2″ (5 cm) Pop-up
  • 78003 Pro-S 3″ (7,5 cm) Pop-up
  • 78004 Pro-S 4″ (10 cm) Pop-up
  • 78006 Pro-S 6″ (15 cm) Pop-up with side inlet
  • 78012 Pro-S 12″ (30 cm) Pop-up


Fast Facts

Available Options

How to Specify Models with Options 

78002 – CV Check valve
78003 – GUARD Nozzle guard
78004 – NSI No side inlet (6″ only)
78006 – PR30 Pressure regulator 30 PSI
78012 – PR40 Pressure regulator 40 PSI, RCW Reclaimed water use, SF Stop Flow™ 4″ only

Examples: 78004-CV, 78006-NSI-RCW, 78012-CV-PR30